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TriBeCa Sling Library 


This Library is based in TriBeCa Restaurant on Smithdown Rd. This session is on every other Thursday 12.30-3pm and is a drop in service, the restaurant does not open until 12 so please do not arrive before then. However this library session is the busiest so I would advise coming towards the start and ensuring you sign in, there my be a wait but bare with us as we do returns first and get to everyone in order. However if a number of people are after the same thing I do group them together to ensure I can get through everyone within the session.

The bonus of this venue is that it is a lovely restaurant and the food is delicious, so a nice bonus whilst you wait.  

If you chose to hire something then this would be £10 for 2 weeks and £18 for 4 weeks, Longer available upon request and if you decide not to hire anything then this is just £3 for advice with your own sling or help trying ours without hiring. 


I normally advise we would have time to try one carrier fully but I can explain a couple before you decide to see the demonstration of one in detail and you can then try this yourself with a demo doll or ideally your own child. 


TriBeCa Rastaurant

336-338 Smithdown Rd


L15 5AN

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