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How Does a Sling Library Work

Currently Closed due to restrictions

For individual library information, locations and maps please click the drop down on the library tab.

Before you come please create an account on Sign the agreement and attach card details, this will make check out of hires much quicker

Each session is a drop in where trained peer supporters and myself a trained babywearing  consultant are on hand to advise on what may work for you, we will demonstrate the carrier and you have the opportunity to try this out with your baby or toddler before you hire anything.


The cost of rental is £10.00 for 2 weeks and £18 for 4 weeks. If you do not wish to hire then the library cost is just £3 for advice or support using your own carrier or trying ours.


Libraries vary in how busy they can get but I have always manage to see to everyone. Occasionally when quiet we can spend more time on options but normally advise one or two sling demonstration maximum but this does vary for individual needs, we normally manage 10 minutes per person. Some people may hire one carrier and then buy, others may hire many before finding what suits. Others just hire for a holiday as we have some fabulous UV carriers and breathable options.


There are normally a selection of slings available to buy but it is not normally all I can supply, I have a lot of suppliers who will send direct to you and also some discount codes for various websites including slings and babywearing coats. Just ask for more information.

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