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Halton Sling Library 




Within Halton we have had increased demand so have spread the venues so we now operate one Friday in Widnes then 2 weeks later we are in Runcorn, so there is a library every 2 weeks but we only visit each venue once every 4 weeks. (please see Facebook or contact us through the website for dates)


This is still a new venue to us and we are finding our feet, but sadly building work is due to begin soon and as the council have not confirmed when, this means we may have to change venues whilst this happens, Please see facebook page for updates or contact myself.


If you chose to hire something then this would be £10 for 2 weeks and £18 for 4 weeks, Longer is available upon request, if you decide not to hire anything then this is just £3 for advice and support with our slings or even bring your own and we can help you. Alternatively you can always just come along and socialise with other like minded parents.


I normally advise we would have time to try one carrier fully but I can explain a couple before you decide to see the demonstration of one in detail and you can then try this yourself with a demo doll or ideally your own child. 


Please always sign in and remember that I do my best but this is a service run through passion and with volunteers and not for profit, so I will have my kids with me most of the time so occasionally you may have to wait whilst I see to them.


Ditton Community Centre,

Widnes, WA8 8DR
1.00 - 3.00 (every 4 weeks)

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