The Manduca 3–in–1 baby carrier is one of the most popular carriers of its kind. It’s designed to be comfortable, safe and supportive and can be worn on the hip, the front or the back.

Suitable from birth, it has a newborn pouch that supports the baby’s head, neck and back. As the baby grows, so does the Manduca, and it adjusts to suit your baby and your preferred carrying position. The Manduca 3–in–1 design can carry children up to pre–school age making travelling on foot with a child easier than ever.

Keep your baby close enough to kiss with the integrated newborn pouch; the baby’s head, neck and back can be supported correctly and comfortably and then the carrier seat can extend as the baby grows.

Moreover, the weight is so evenly distributed throughout the user’s body that you can easily forget you are wearing the Manduca carrier thanks to the padded shoulder straps which has three ways of adjustment and an ergonomic waist belt for comfortable carrying.

Manduca Petrol

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